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          Contact us

          Suzhou Xing Yi Machinery Co. Ltd.

          Address: Le Yu town of Zhangjiagang City

          Chairman: Shi Hezhong

          Tel: 0512-58522516 

          Fax: 0512-58522511

          Hand machine: 013606229802

          Zip code: 215622

          The letter box:xingyijx@163.com

          Company address: www.szxyjx.cc




          Suzhou Xing Yi Machinery Co. Ltd.Located in the Yangtze River Delta emerging port industrial city - Zhangjiagang City, with superior geographical position and convenient transportation. The production of centrifuge factory strictly enforce the GB/T13755-92 "three foot centrifuge technology standard", and GB/T13756 "three foot centrifuge" standard form and basic parameters, testing, dynamic balance detection rate reached 100%, the exchange rate of up to 100% parts, car noise is not greater than 100dB, the vibration intensity is less than 7.1, the company's main products are type SS three foot upper part of the discharge, SSF explosion-proof, SX artificial bottom discharge, SSC type manual discharge sedimentation type centrifuge, and can be customized according to user requirements of various specifications or restructuring; welcome to centrifuge dewatering machine, the needs of enterprises to contact anticorrosion centrifuge, we wholeheartedly provide high quality products and good service for you